Project Description

The Deployment Framework for BizTalk eliminates the pain associated with BizTalk application deployments, going far beyond the out-of-the-box functionality.

The Deployment Framework for BizTalk is the single most powerful and customizable, yet easy-to-use toolkit for deploying and configuring your BizTalk solutions.

Top Reasons to Use the Deployment Framework for BizTalk
  1. Deploy a complex solution containing orchestrations, schemas, maps, rules, custom components, pipeline components, pipelines -- even ESB itineraries -- in minutes, with no human intervention
  2. Eliminate ALL manual steps in your BizTalk deployments
  3. Consolidate all of your environment-specific configuration and runtime settings into one, easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet
  4. Maintain a SINGLE binding file that works for all deployment environments
  5. Make automated deployment a native part of the BizTalk development cycle, then use the same script to deploy to your servers
  6. Use your build server to produce ready-to-deploy MSI installers
This project exists due to countless hours of volunteer effort by ONE developer at a time! Please consider making a donation if you find this framework useful. Thank you in advance!




The Deployment Framework for BizTalk includes the following features:
  • Support for BizTalk 2009 through 2016 (BizTalk 2004 is supported by v4.x, BizTalk 2006 and 2006 R2 are supported up to v5.5, BizTalk 2009 is supported up to v5.6)
  • Automation of the entire BizTalk application deployment and updating processes
  • Full and Quick application update modes to reduce development cycle time
  • Detailed logging for informational and troubleshooting purposes
  • Visual Studio add-in provides menu and output window integration and IntelliSense
  • Support for deployment of various BizTalk artifacts including:
    • Messaging bindings
    • Orchestrations
    • Schemas
    • Maps
    • Pipelines
    • Custom components (DLL’s)
    • Custom pipeline components
    • Custom functoids
    • Rules and vocabularies
    • IIS virtual directories
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) applications
    • BAM activities and views
    • ESB Toolkit 2.x itineraries
  • Configuration settings infrastructure including user-friendly settings management spreadsheet and .NET object for settings access at runtime
  • SSO Settings Editor GUI for viewing and editing settings stored in SSO on the fly
  • Custom ESB Toolkit 2.x SSO Resolver that pulls settings data from SSO at runtime (settings data is centrally stored in settings mgmt. spreadsheet)
  • Templated bindings file that automatically targets multiple runtime environments
  • Enables use of un-encoded XML for easy maintenance of adapter and port configurations in binding files
  • Single deployment script serves both development workstations and production servers
  • Automated packaging of entire application into standard Windows Installer MSI file
  • Support for side-by-side deployment of multiple versions of a single application
  • Easily customizable installation wizard for server deployments
  • Deployment verification via NUnit unit test tool
  • Integrated deployment of Log4Net for runtime event logging
  • Automated configuration of FILE adapter directories and security
  • Automated configuration of BizTalk runtime settings including debugging features and .NET assembly-to-AppDomain mappings
  • Automated restart of one or more BizTalk host instances and IIS services
  • Automatic addition of cross-application references
  • Automatic deployment of debugging PDB files to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • Support for Windows x64
  • Full source code
  • Infinite extensibility through open-source license
Virtually all of the features mentioned above may be selectively enabled or disabled and easily customized to meet the particular requirements of your application.

The Author (2008 - Today)

Thomas F. Abraham
Thomas Abraham, founder of IllumiTech Consulting LLC, has been the project owner and sole developer for the Deployment Framework for BizTalk since mid-2008. He has an extensive background in software development, architecture, configuration management and systems engineering, helping to build high-performance, mission-critical applications for companies including Nasdaq, Best Buy and Wells Fargo. Over the last 15-plus years, Thomas has worked with technologies ranging from C/C++ to BizTalk Server to Exchange and .NET, was the lead author of the book "Visual Basic .NET Solutions Toolkit" from Wrox Press and a presenter at the 2006 SOA & Business Process Conference in Redmond, WA. He holds a number of Microsoft certifications, including MCPD, MCSD, MCT (inactive) and TS for both BizTalk 2004 and 2006. His blog is located at

The Founder (2004 - 2008)

Scott Colestock
Scott Colestock created the Deployment Framework for BizTalk in 2004 and developed it through mid-2008. He has delivered solutions in the SOA/BPM and mobile space for multiple clients in the Twin Cities, MN area. Scott is recognized for his work with TFS, helping several clients deploy and adopt it. He is a past BizTalk Server MVP, certified ScrumMaster, and speaks at user groups and conferences.

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