BTDF 4.x - Greyed out Tools menu items

Topics: Visual Studio Integration
May 17, 2010 at 6:11 PM

Chris, hopefully you will find this since I didn't get your email address from your email today.

Hi Thomas

I'm trying to use the DFBT for BizTalk2006. I have installed Nunit, Nant, NantContrib85, and run the vbs script to add options to my tools menu.

I am then trying to do the last step in the Appendix A of the DFBT documentation, where you select Tools - Deploy BizTalk. The options added by the vb script ar eall greyed out, even when the Sample BizTalk solution has been builet and re-built.

I have installed and re-installed the components required for DFBT on different machines, and I still get the tool options greyed out. Please can you tell me where I'm going wrong?


First of all, you should definitely upgrade to V5.0 unless you absolutely have to stay with V4.x.  Even though it's marked as beta, it's a complete, stable release but is lacking full documentation.  As far as the Tools menu items in 4.x being greyed out, that happens when Visual Studio doesn't find or can't access the EXE referenced by the menu item.  You can check in the Tools/External Tools dialog to see what command each item is pointing to.