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XmlPreProcess not replacing the binding file values

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Apr 4, 2012 at 11:23 AM


I have a PortBindingsMaster.xml which is normalized using elementtunnel.exe and I have replaced the below code for xml pre processing based on the Environment specific files such as Exported_DevSettings.xml.

   <!-- ifdef ${_xml_preprocess}-->
  <!-- <Address>$(FileSendLocation)\%MessageID%.xml</Address> -->
  <!-- else-->
  <!-- endif-->

In the SettingsFileGenerator.xml file I have a variable defined as FileSendLocation .

Also in the btdfproj file I have (tried) the following properties set as below


I have generated the MSI and started doing the deployment.Everything going fine except 1 error saying  An invalid value for property "DestinationFolder".

I had a look into the deployment folder where the PortBindings.xml generated ,which has the following


So, it suggests me that the XML proprocessing is not replacing the variable with the value from the  Exported_DevSettings.xml, hence the error is thrown.

Could anyone suggest if I am missing anything here ,Please.

Also, what are the other options for me to specify the binding files only during the deployment (by <IncludeMessagingBindings>false</IncludeMessagingBindings> 

The idea is not to break the deployment process due to binding issues or seperating the deployment process from the binding




Apr 4, 2012 at 12:05 PM

Oops..My bad

I had $(FileSendLocation) instead of ${FileSendLocation} to specify the variables inside the bidning file .

Its wokring fine now.Thanks.