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Oct 28, 2008 at 12:19 PM
I am finding it a bit difficult to get started with using this framework, and I was wondering if there are any screencasts or tutorials out there on adding the framework to a new solution from scratch?

I have successfully deployed the sample project from codeplex as instructed in the User Guide, but i am still not clear on which elements are generated for me, and which I need to configure.

I would be very nice to see the step-by-step version of how the framework was added to the sample solution (or how the solution was built on top of the framework if that is the case).

Are there any such ressources out there?

Thank you in advance, and thanks for what seems to be an extremely useful tool.
Oct 28, 2008 at 1:30 PM
Hello -

We don't have a screencast at this point...I'm wondering if you've taken a look at the BizTalk2006NAntDeploymentElements.vsd visio that is included in the download.  This describes pretty well what is generated and what is "yours". 

Have you seen the "Getting Started with Developer Deployments" section in the BT2006DeployWithNantDocs.doc document? (Also included in the download?) This gives a bit of a step-by-step that might be helpeful.

Scott Colestock