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Viewing SSO Configuration

Topics: Bindings File, Settings Management and SSO
Apr 26, 2013 at 6:55 PM
I am fairly new to using BTDF but I have a question regarding the way it deploys SSO configuration settings to the SSO database.

I am guessing the reason that the SSO application configuration snap-in microsoft provides doesn't recognize SSO apps deployed from BTDF is because of a shortcoming in the snap-in itself (similar to why it doesn't recognize apps deployed with Richard Seroter's tool). The question I have is does anyone know of a way to get around this? Or to maybe tweak BTDF to get these apps to show up in the snap-in?

For my own purposes the viewer/editor bundled with BTDF is more than sufficient, but some of the other developers here have been complaining because they don't like change (we just started utilizing BTDF)
Apr 29, 2013 at 7:51 AM
I'm not sure if you're talking about the SSO management tool out of the box with BizTalk or the one Microsoft has on the Download Center. If the former, the app does show up but you have to enable the Config Store. If the latter, the simple answer is that the data formats are different. The MS tool came along much later than the Deployment Framework and Richard's tool.

I created an issue for this to be considered for a future release, but I can't say when it will happen.