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Adding new DLL into already deployed app

Topics: Server Deployment
May 16, 2013 at 4:37 PM

I'm new here, and first of all I would like to thanks you about this framework, even if I used half of the features actually.

Here is my "problem":
I have an existing solution deployed / installed into my client environment (BDTF).

I use in general the re-deploy option in order to update the existing DLL when I make a change in it. I replace the DLL into the \Program file\ folder, and my DLL is refreshed into BT and the GAC and then redeploy option. This avoid human error in hotfix deployment procedure (such as forget to restart host instance etc...).

Now I wants to use the "redeploy" in order to add a new DLL, is it possible to do it by updating deployment definition for example ? (Goal is to do not re-delivered the whole BTDF project)

Please let me know if my requirement is clear.

Thanks in advance

May 16, 2013 at 8:03 PM
Hi and welcome!

Yes, that should work fine. Essentially you are bypassing the build-deployment process by directly updating files on the server in the installation folder. By the same token, if you copy new DLL's to the server as you are describing, you may also copy a new .btdfproj to the server. If the new .btdfproj references an additional assembly then it will be picked up during the redeploy. I'm assuming that you are rebuilding the application and specifically copying all necessary updated DLL's to the server.

There are some scenarios where you may have an issue on the undeploy part of the redeploy depending on how and what you change in the .btdfproj, but worst case if you encountered a problem you would just need to undeploy first, then copy and overwrite the .btdfproj and DLL's, then deploy again.