How do you delete vdir during undeploy?

Topics: IIS and Web Services
Jul 15, 2016 at 6:32 AM
I have posted this question on behalf of one of my team members'
"A quick question on BTDF 6.0 - IIS Virtual directories.

In warehouse project, we are using BTDF v6.0, in which IIS virtual directory entries have changed a lot from BTDF v5.5
Is it possible not to delete the virtual directories during undeploy of the application?

The below “UndeployIISArtifacts” has no impact.


I suspect that, it is something to do with <UndeployAction> in <IISAPP>. By default, it comes as <UndeployAction>Delete</UndeployAction>
But I’m not sure what is the alternative value that needs to be provided, so that the virtual directories will not be deleted during undeployment.

<IISApp Include="v1">
  <SiteName>Default Web Site</SiteName>
Can you please suggest on this?

Deepa Kamalanathan"