Release 4.0

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Released: Sep 18, 2008
Updated: Aug 19, 2017 by tfabraham
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Release Notes

Release 4.0 includes a wide range of new features and improvements:
  • Added support for side-by-side deployment (multiple versions of the same BizTalk app installed at once, disabled by default): added a "project" version property, added the version to the installer title and default install folder path, added version number to the BizTalk application name and SSO affiliate app name, auto-prepend app name and version to port names
  • Added support for deployment of BAM activity definitions and assigning user accounts to views
  • Added support for auto-updating <xlangs> section in BTSNTSvc.exe.config to define a distinct AppDomain for the application and to configure debugging settings
  • Added color to NAnt output to highlight warnings and errors (outside of Visual Studio only)
  • Updated WiX (for MSI generation) to 3.0.x, in the process drastically simplifying GenericBizTalkMSI.wxs and improving the MSI user interface
  • Modified the installer to completely clean up on uninstall, removing all dynamically generated files
  • Modified SetEnvUI.exe (the deploy wizard) to open the file browse dialog in the current directory vs. C:\ and replaced a P/Invoke call with a managed call
  • Added support for radio buttons in SetEnvUI.exe
  • Modified the installer to install "for all users" vs. only for the current user
  • Simplified and improved the clarity of the checkbox captions in the server deploy/undeploy wizard
  • Added an attribute to the UpdateSSOConfigItem NAnt task for the BizTalk Application name
  • Improved error handling in BizTalk NAnt tasks to provide more meaningful error messages
  • Added a number of new NAnt tasks to support features described here
  • Added a "please wait" message and timestamp during deployment just before starting the BizTalk application
  • Added a check for running service instances before attempting to undeploy
  • Made documentation updates, reformatted documentation and replaced the HTML version with a PDF version
  • Updated to NAnt 0.85 release from RC1
  • Included the Visual Studio Tools menu install scripts in the Sample ZIP file
  • Cleaned up the project, removing unused files, etc.
  • Updated included NUnit subset to V2.4.7
  • Fix to ensure that the settings spreadsheet is exported when using the updateOrchestrations target
  • Added /c switch to XmlPreprocess.exe command-line to strip preprocessing comments from the final bindings file

Reviews for this release

What a career saver. We used the framework exclusively to support a 13 application, 5 host instance server deployed to support an SAP implementation. We took a 3 hour process to deploy, down to 15 minutes. We also reduced the risk of inaccurate bindings and forced everything through Team Foundation Server (TFS). This framework will be featured in a Microsoft Project of the Year soon!
by johndoucette on Mar 9, 2010 at 1:41 PM