SSO settings key/value not getting added to SSO app


Hey guys,

Have followed the guide at http://www.tfabraham.com/BTDFDocs/V5_0/DeploymentFrameworkForBizTalkDocs.html?DeployConfigurationSettingsintoS.html
to deploy an SSO app fine, however my key/value pairs from the environmentsettings.xml are not getting added? Am I adding them in SettingsFileGenerator okay? I have attached an example settings file in the format I have been using.

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Closed Aug 2 at 8:34 PM by tfabraham
Can't reproduce, no additional info provided


tfabraham wrote Oct 20, 2016 at 4:06 PM

You can open any of the Exported_xxxSettings.xml files to verify that the settings are being exported. What leads you to say the key/value pairs are not being added? If you're looking in SSO Admin, you will not see your individual settings there. After installing your app's BTDF-generated MSI, the Start menu under your app name will have a link to an SSO Settings Editor tool. That tool will show you what was loaded into SSO.


tfabraham wrote Feb 7 at 2:21 PM

Any further comments? If not, I'll close this issue.

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