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How to use BTDF to deploy in PROD (Non- DEV(VS)) Environment

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Dec 10, 2010 at 12:20 PM


Thanks for the wonderful tool for the BizTalk application deployment.Something missing directly from Microsoft is being filled by Codeplex,as always .

I have had a look at the developer guide & the samples.

I have just checked the VS tool to do deployment /undeployment as well.

Now, my question is how do i use this framework to do the deployment in Production envrionment without having VS,using single click.

Forgive me if the answer is already there here , I am new to BTDF.Thanks.




Dec 10, 2010 at 3:20 PM

Hi Sullu,

Thanks!  I appreciate the feedback.  We're getting some efforts going to improve the documentation.

Once you've fully tested your deployment using the Visual Studio add-in, then use the Build Server Deploy MSI menu option to build an MSI file.  It will appear in your Deployment project bin\debug or bin\release folder.  That's what you'll take and install on your servers.  The MSI simply drops all of the necessary files onto the server and creates some Start menu shortcuts.  Once installed, you'll run the exact same scripts as from Visual Studio to deploy, undeploy, redeploy, etc. on the servers.  The last page of the MSI will let you directly start the deployment script, but you can also use the Start menu shortcuts.  The only difference you'll notice is a UI wizard that asks for the location of the environment settings XML file (EnvironmentSettings folder) and usually one or two other parameters.  The parameters requested by the wizard are controlled by the InstallWizard.xml file in your Deployment project folder.