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Question about BTDF

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Oct 31, 2011 at 9:43 PM

I am a fairly new to BTDF and i was able to accomplish implementing the deployment framework into my solution.I was also able to sucessfully deloy the solution using the plug in and as well as the MSI.I however have a few questions as i want to automate this process with TFS.Please keep in mind i didnt use the Settings excel file for the bindings as i am still trying to understand how it works..


  1. Doese BTDF support multiple application deployment withing a same deployment project?If so how do i configure and can you post a sample.
  2. The TFS automation requires me to specify a binding file in a command line when the MSI gets called.Is there an way to call Binding file from the command prompt?Please tell me how if there is or what are the options..


Thats all the questions for now.

Thank you




Nov 1, 2011 at 5:59 AM

Hi Vamsi,

Thanks for trying out the Deployment Framework.

1.  It does not support multiple BizTalk application deployment from a single deployment project.  However, you are not limited to a single deployment project per solution.  The Visual Studio add-in is limited to one deployment project per solution, but the Framework itself is not.  I generally advise that any common/shared artifacts be housed and deployed under a Common solution separate from other BizTalk application artifacts.  You can use the AppsToReference ItemGroup in your deployment project file to easily add a reference from many BizTalk apps to the Common app.

2.  I'm not sure to which TFS automation you are referring, but under Team Build you should build the Installer target to generate an MSI.  Then, if you wish to deploy the app to a server, copy the MSI to the server and remotely launch the MSI install, followed by remotely launching the deployment (psexec.exe is a good choice).  You'll find posts from others who have done this here in the Discussions area.

Why would you not just put your bindings into PortBindings.xml within your deployment project?  The settings spreadsheet allows you to create a single templated bindings XML file and have environment-specific values automatically inserted from the spreadsheet.  Have you looked at the included sample apps?


Nov 1, 2011 at 3:41 PM


Thank you for your quick response.Let me try out what you have suggested and if i face and blocks..i will post back here..