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Tip: DeveloperPreProcessSettings - Switch between LocalSettings (stubs) and DevSettings (developer services)

Topics: Tips and Tricks
Apr 27, 2012 at 2:25 PM

Most of the time when developing with BizTalk, you want to isolate your dependencies on external systems and services.  So you stub them out to work in a localised way.

However, every so often, you still need to connect to real developer instances of the source and target endpoints\services.  They may ask you to send them some data to see if everything still works, or you might want some messages sent to BizTalk to get confidence that everything still works.

The BTDF environments spreadsheet out-of-the-box gives you two environments, and I'm guessing this is what they are for:

  • Local Development - Exported_LocalSettings.xml -> Work in a localised environment - external systems are stubbed.
  • Shared Development - Exported_DevSettings.xml -> Work with service developers - point to their developer service instances.

In order to switch between the two when working in Visual Studio, add the following to your .btdfproj file.

<!-- Un-comment this line to use the shared developer settings -->
<DeveloperPreProcessSettings>$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\EnvironmentSettings\Exported_DevSettings.xml</DeveloperPreProcessSettings> -->