Custom Visual Studio project type for btdfproj

Topics: Visual Studio Integration
Feb 17, 2015 at 8:27 AM
I am working on creating an actual project type for Visual Studio 2010 for the btdfproj. Is there any way I can contribute to the project?
Feb 18, 2015 at 6:19 AM
Thanks for your offer to contribute! I have an early prototype of a custom project type available in the source code at Dev/V6_0/VisualStudio/VS2010.

The prototype includes the following:
  • VSIX packaging
  • Add New Project integration
  • Custom BTDF project type
  • Basic Add Reference to other projects in the solution
  • Build/Rebuild which produces an MSI, respecting build order derived from references
Until I built the prototype, I always thought the VS project type would be associated with the .btdfproj -- thus the name. However, the project type exists largely to participate in the build process -- which is related only to WiX and the small set of properties in the .btdfproj related to MSI generation. The .btdfproj is an executable process workflow for deployments. They are really two different things. As a result, the prototype has a .btdfvsproj file associated with the custom project type.

Ideally, all of the MSI generation-related properties would move out of the .btdfproj (which is no longer an ideal file extension) to the .btdfvsproj, but I have backward compatibility to consider.

It occurred to me that in a Visual Studio context, the BTDF custom project type is similar to the WiX custom project type. In a WiX VS project, the project itself is fairly light on features because it's just driving a build. The WiX XML files are what you're authoring, much like the .btdfproj is your authoring of the deployment process.

Have a look at the prototype, which works fairly well, and let me know your thoughts.