Partial deployment?

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Dec 15, 2016 at 3:30 PM
I am wondering if I have a custom pipeline component referenced by common shared pipeline project with most of the pipelines used in all the BizTalk applications got updated.

What's the options I have without undeploy everything and deploy again using BizTalk Deployment Framework?

Thank you.

The structure is like:
CustomPipelineComponentProject updated in GAC.
CustomPipelineProject updated in Visual Studio and has an old version in BizTalk as a common shared application.
BizTalk Application A,B,C are all referencing to CustomPipelineProject application in BizTalk to use the pipelines.
Jan 2 at 8:02 AM
You can try setting the EnableSideBySide property to true in your BTDF project. This way you will be able to delpoy new versions of your CustomPipelineProject without uninstalling the old one and then gradually update your BizTalk applications to use this new pipeline version.